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authselect - select system identity and authentication sources. authselect - 选择系统身份和身份验证源.
authselect [--debug] [--trace] [--warn] command [command options]
*Authselect* is a tool to configure system identity and authentication sources
and providers by selecting a specific profile. Profile is a set of files that
describes how the resulting system configuration will look like. When a profile
is selected, *authselect* will create nsswitch.conf(5) and PAM(8) stack to use
identity and authentication sources defined by the profile.
If the provided profile set is not sufficient, the administrator may create a custom profile by putting it in a special profile directory ({AUTHSELECT_CUSTOM_DIR}). By doing so, the profile is immediately usable by *authselect*. See _authselect-profiles(5)_ for more information on extending existing profiles.
Authselect will not touch your existing configuration unless it has already been created by it. If you want to start using authselect to configure your system authentication, please call *authselect select* with *--force* parameter first (e.g. *authselect select sssd --force*). The *--force* parameter tells authselect that it is all right to overwrite existing non-authselect configuration (see description below). Using the *--force* parameter will automatically generate a backup of your current configuration so if you wish to go back you can restore it with *authselect backup-restore* command (see description below).
To stop authselect from managing your configuration, run *authselect opt-out*. This will remove all authselect configuration from your system and you can then modify your configuration manually.
To list all available commands run *authselect* without any parameters. To print help for the selected command run *authselect COMMAND --help*.
*select* profile_id [features] [-f, --force] [-q, --quiet] [-b] [--backup=NAME]
Activate desired profile. See profile description with *show* command, to list profile specific optional features.
*--force, -f*
Write changes even if the previous configuration was not created by
authselect but by other tool or by manual changes. This option will
automatically backup system files before writing any change unless
*--nobackup* option is set.
Backup system files before activating the selected profile. The backup
will be stored at {AUTHSELECT_BACKUP_DIR}/NAME. Current time with
unique string is used as a name of the backup. This is a shortcut
for *--backup=*.