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Add source 添加源
An error occurred 发生了错误
Automatically start osbuild-composer on boot 在引导时自动启动 osbuild-composer
Available components 可用组件
Changes pending commit 对修改的提交在待处理中
Created 创建
Edit source 编辑源
Filter by name 根据名称过滤
Filter by version 根据版本过滤
Hide details 隐藏详情
Image Builder can upload images you create to a Blob container in {azure}. When the image build is complete
and the upload action is successful, the image file is available in the Storage account and Blob container that you specified.
Image Builder 可以将您创建的镜像上传到 AWS 的一个 {azure} 中。当镜像构建完成且
上传操作成功时,镜像文件会出现在您指定的存储帐户和 Blob 容器中。
Image building service is not active 镜像构建服务不是活跃的
Minimum size is {size} GB 最小大小为{size} GB
No dependencies 没有依赖项
Remove component from blueprint 从蓝图中删除组件
Remove source 删除源
The service osbuild-composer was not started. osbuild-composer 服务没有启动。