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SELinux denied svirt access to $TARGET_PATH.
If this is a virtualization image, it has to have a file context label of
virt_image_t. The system is setup to label image files in directory./var/lib/libvirt/images
correctly. We recommend that you copy your image file to /var/lib/libvirt/images.
If you really want to have your image files in the current directory, you can relabel $TARGET_PATH to be virt_image_t using chcon. You also need to execute semanage fcontext -a -t virt_image_t '$FIX_TARGET_PATH' to add this
new path to the system defaults. If you did not intend to use $TARGET_PATH as a virtualization
image it could indicate either a bug or an intrusion attempt.

SELinux 已拒絕 xen 存取 $TARGET_PATH。
若這是個 XEN 映像檔的話,它必須要有個檔案情境標籤
為 xen_image_t。該系統已被設置能正確地標記 /var/lib/xen/images
目錄中的映像檔。我們建議您將您的映像檔複製至 /var/lib/xen/images。
若您希望您的 xen 映像檔位於目前的目錄中的話,您可透過使用chcon 來將 $TARGET_PATH 重新標記為 xen_image_t。您也需要執行 semanage fcontext -a -t xen_image_t '$FIX_TARGET_PATH' 才可將此
新路徑新增至系統預設值。若您並未嘗試使用 $TARGET_PATH 來作為一個 xen
4 weeks ago
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