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pulseaudio Fix this component to clear its alerts. LGPL-2.1 14
pavucontrol GPL-2.0 1

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  • The translation uses bilingual files.
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Committed changes

pulseaudio / paprefsChinese (Traditional) (zh_TW)

Committed changes 4 months ago
Simultaneous _Output
4 months ago
Add _virtual output device for simultaneous output on all local sound cards
4 months ago
4 months ago
Send on fixed _port 5004
在固定連線埠 5004 傳送(_P)
4 months ago
_Loop back audio to local speakers
4 months ago
Create separate audio device _for Multicast/RTP
建立獨立供 Multicast/RTP 的音訊裝置(_F)
4 months ago
Send audio from local spea_kers
4 months ago
Send audio from local _microphone
4 months ago
Enable Multicast/RTP s_ender
啟用 Multicast/RTP 傳送方(_E)
4 months ago
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