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libvirt-sandbox LGPL-2.1 0% 120 671
libvirt LGPL-2.1 2% 10,145 66,848 488 44

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  • The translation uses bilingual files.
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Last remote commit ci: refresh dockerfiles for changed libvirt build system 1a5c06c
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Repository containing Weblate translations
Translation file po/id.po
virStreamSend call would block
Pemanggilan virStreamSend akan memblokir
2 weeks ago
virStreamRecv call would block
Pemanggilan virStreamRecv akan memblokir
2 weeks ago
XML data has no '%s' node
Data XML tidak punya node '%s'
2 weeks ago
Unable to validate doc
Tidak bisa memvalidasi dok
2 weeks ago
Unable to restore domain
Tidak bisa memulihkan domain
2 weeks ago
Unable to perform SendAll
Tidak bisa melaksanakan SendAll
2 weeks ago
Unable to perform RecvAll
Tidak bisa melaksanakan RecvAll
2 weeks ago
Unable to parse configuration
Tidak bisa mengurai konfigurasi
2 weeks ago
Unable to parse RNG %s
Tidak bisa mengurai RNG %s
2 weeks ago
Unable to open %s
Tidak bisa membuka %s
2 weeks ago
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