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libguestfs / libguestfs-docs-masterEnglish (United Kingdom)

New strings to translate a month ago
Resource update a month ago
Remove the SSHKerberos host keystab file in the guest.
a month ago
B<kerberos-data>hostkeytab> *
a month ago
Remove the utmpIPA files.
a month ago
B<dhcpipa-client-state> *
a month ago
require 'guestfs'
g =
:readonly => 1true, :format => "raw")

a month ago
See also CL<guestfs_pwrite>, C<guestfs_pread_device(3)/guestfs_add_drive_opts>.
a month ago
The default is C<ext2>512> bytes.
a month ago
This returns the size of the device in bytesparameter sets the sector size of the output disk image.
a month ago
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