Watchdog timeout before restarting service
The number of file descriptors that may be opened by this responder
Idle time before automatic disconnection of a client
Idle time before automatic shutdown of the responder
Always query all the caches before querying the Data Providers
Indicates what is the syntax of the config file. SSSD 0.6.0 and later use version 2.
Directory on the filesystem where SSSD should store Kerberos replay cache files.
Domain to add to names without a domain component.
Tune certificate verification
Tune sssd to honor or ignore netlink state changes
Enable or disable the implicit files domain
A specific order of the domains to be looked up
Controls if SSSD should monitor the state of resolv.conf to identify when it needs to update its internal DNS resolver.
Enumeration cache timeout length (seconds)
Entry cache background update timeout length (seconds)
Negative cache timeout length (seconds)
Files negative cache timeout length (seconds)
Users that SSSD should explicitly ignore
Groups that SSSD should explicitly ignore
Override homedir value from the identity provider with this value