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SSSD Manual pages
modify a group
<command>sss_groupmod</command> <arg choice='opt'> <replaceable>options</replaceable> </arg> <arg choice='plain'><replaceable>GROUP</replaceable></arg>
<command>sss_groupmod</command> modifies the group to reflect the changes that are specified on the command line.
<option>-a</option>,<option>--append-group</option> <replaceable>GROUPS</replaceable>
Append this group to groups specified by the <replaceable>GROUPS</replaceable> parameter. The <replaceable>GROUPS</replaceable> parameter is a comma separated list of group names.
<option>-r</option>,<option>--remove-group</option> <replaceable>GROUPS</replaceable>
Remove this group from groups specified by the <replaceable>GROUPS</replaceable> parameter.
File Formats and Conventions
the configuration file for SSSD
<replaceable>key</replaceable> = <replaceable>value</replaceable>
<replaceable>key2</replaceable> = <replaceable>value2,value3</replaceable>
The file has an ini-style syntax and consists of sections and parameters. A section begins with the name of the section in square brackets and continues until the next section begins. An example of section with single and multi-valued parameters: <placeholder type="programlisting" id="0"/>
The data types used are string (no quotes needed), integer and bool (with values of <quote>TRUE/FALSE</quote>).
A comment line starts with a hash sign (<quote>#</quote>) or a semicolon (<quote>;</quote>). Inline comments are not supported.
All sections can have an optional <replaceable>description</replaceable> parameter. Its function is only as a label for the section.
<filename>sssd.conf</filename> must be a regular file, owned by root and only root may read from or write to the file.
The configuration file <filename>sssd.conf</filename> will include configuration snippets using the include directory <filename>conf.d</filename>. This feature is available if SSSD was compiled with libini version 1.3.0 or later.