English Bodo
******************** IMPORTANT ***********************
To make this policy package active, execute:

semodule -i %s

Requires at least one category
Can not modify sensitivity levels using '+' on %s
%s is already in %s
%s is not in %s
Can not combine +/- with other types of categories
Can not have multiple sensitivities
Usage %s CATEGORY File ...
Usage %s -l CATEGORY user ...
Usage %s [[+|-]CATEGORY],...] File ...
Usage %s -l [[+|-]CATEGORY],...] user ...
Usage %s -d File ...
Usage %s -l -d user ...
Usage %s -L
Usage %s -L -l user
Use -- to end option list. For example
chcat -- -CompanyConfidential /docs/businessplan.odt
chcat -l +CompanyConfidential juser
Options Error %s