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Allows %s to bind to any udp ports > 1024
Allows %s to connect to any tcp port
Allows %s to connect to any udp port
Allow %s to call bindresvport with 0. Binding to port 600-1024
Are you sure you want to delete %s '%s'?
<b>Add booleans from the %s policy:</b>
<b>Add files/directories that %s manages</b>
<b>Enter name of application or user role:</b>
<b>Enter network ports that %s binds on:</b>
<b>Login Users</b>
Boolean Name
<b>Root Users</b>
<b>Select additional roles for %s:</b>
<b>Select common application traits for %s:</b>
<b>Select domains that %s will administer:</b>
<b>Select existing role to modify:</b>