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Kickstart command %(command)s does not accept empty parameter %(parameter)s
Kickstart command %s does not take any arguments
Kickstart command eula expects the --agreed option
The %s and autopart commands can't be used at the same time
Invalid autopart type: %s
autopart --fstype=btrfs is not valid fstype, use --type=btrfs instead
autopart --fstype cannot be used with --type=btrfs
Only one of --pbkdf-time and --pbkdf-iterations can be specified.
autopart --type=btrfs is not supported
The '%s' and 'mount' commands can't be used at the same time
Invalid mount point '%s' given
'--mkfsoptions' requires --reformat
The syspurpose command does not take positional arguments!
Ignoring deprecated option on line %s: The zerombr command no longer takes any options. In future releases, this will result in a fatal error from kickstart. Please modify your kickstart file to remove any options.
--boot-drive accepts only one argument
A user with the name %s has already been defined.
One of --disabled or --enabled must be provided.
A DM RAID device with the name %(name)s and devices %(devices)s has already been defined.
Unknown command %s
Kickstart command cmdline does not support --non-interactive parameter