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Unexpected arguments to nvdimm command: %(arguments)s
Unknown command: %s अपरिचित आदेश: %s
Unknown kickstart section: %s
Unsupported realm '%s' command
Unsupported version specified: %s असमर्थित आवृत्ती दर्शविल्या गेले: %s
version of kickstart syntax to validate against कीकस्टार्ट संरचना ची आवृत्ती च्या विरुद्धात तपासनी
VNC password must be six to eight characters long
volgroup must be given a list of partitions
volgroup must be given a VG name
Warning: The following error occurred when processing the input file:
When using the <prefix>.<vlan id> interface name notation, <prefix> can't be equal to 'vlan'.
Write flattened config to OUTPUT
You must specify two syntax versions.