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Analog 模拟单声道
%s: %s (type: %s, priority: %u%s%s, %s)
%s: %s (信宿:%u,信源:%u,优先级:%u,可用性:%s)
, availability group:
%s: %s (type: %s, priority: %u, latency offset: %<PRId64> usec%s%s, %s)
Send message failed: %s read() 失败:%s
list-handlers message failed: %s
list-handlers message response array element %d is not a JSON object
Failed to set volume: You tried to set volumes for %d channel, whereas channel(s) supported = %d
设置音量失败:您尝试设置 %d 个声道的音量,而支持的声道数为 %d。

-h, --help Show this help
--version Show version

-f, --format=FORMAT The format of the output. Either "normal" or "json"
-s, --server=SERVER The name of the server to connect to
-n, --client-name=NAME How to call this client on the server

-h, --help 显示此帮助
--version 显示版本
-s, --server=服务器 要连接的服务器名
-n, --client-name=名称 向服务器提供的客户端自称
Invalid format value '%s' 无效的流名称 '%s'