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pa_ext_device_manager_write() failed pa_ext_stream_restore_write() ব্যর্থ
Error reading config file %s: %s
Error saving preferences
Error writing config file %s
(plugged in)
Ignoring sink-input due to it being designated as an event and thus handled by the Event widget
Establishing connection to PulseAudio. Please wait...
pa_ext_device_restore_save_sink_formats() failed pa_ext_stream_restore_read() ব্যর্থ
pa_context_set_source_output_volume() failed pa_context_get_source_output_info_list() ব্যর্থ
pa_context_set_source_output_mute() failed pa_context_get_source_output_info_list() ব্যর্থ
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Retry forever if pa quits (every 5 seconds).
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