English Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN)
Make discoverable _PulseAudio network sound devices available locally 使可找到的网络声音设备在本地可用(_M)
Make discoverable Apple A_irTunes sound devices available locally 使可找到的网络声音设备在本地可用(_M)
<i>Apple and AirTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.</i>
Network _Access 网络访问(_e)
Don't _require authentication 不需要验证(_a)
Make local sound devices available as DLNA/_UPnP Media Server
Create separate audio device for DLNA/UPnP media streaming 为多广播/RTP 创建独立音频设备(_d)
Network _Server 网络访问(_e)
Enable Multicast/RTP re_ceiver 启用多广播/RTP 接收器(_r)
Enable Multicast/RTP s_ender 启用多广播/RTP 发射器(_s)
Send audio from local spea_kers 从本地音箱(_p)发送音频
Create separate audio device _for Multicast/RTP 为多广播/RTP 创建独立音频设备(_d)
_Loop back audio to local speakers 到本地音箱的回路(_L)音频
Send on fixed _port 5004
Simultaneous _Output 模拟(_u)输出