English Chinese (Traditional) (zh_TW)
BAD PASSWORD: %s 不良的密碼:%s
Usage: %s [user]
用法:%s [user]
The command reads the password to be scored from the standard input.
Error: %s
Could not obtain the password to be scored 無法取得要評分的密碼
Password quality check failed:
Usage: %s <entropy-bits>
用法:%s <entropy-bits>
Warning: Value %ld is outside of the allowed entropy range, adjusting it.
Memory allocation error when setting 設定時發生記憶體分配錯誤
Memory allocation error 記憶體分配錯誤
The password is the same as the old one 密碼與舊的相同
The password is a palindrome 密碼為迴文形式
The password differs with case changes only 密碼只有大小寫改變而已
The password is too similar to the old one 密碼與舊的太過相像
The password contains the user name in some form 密碼以某種形式包含使用者名稱
The password contains words from the real name of the user in some form 密碼以某種形式包含使用者真名的字
The password contains forbidden words in some form 密碼以某種形式包含禁止的單詞
The password contains less than %ld digits 密碼包含的數字少於 %ld 個
The password contains too few digits 密碼包含的數字太少
The password contains less than %ld uppercase letters 密碼包含的大寫字母少於 %ld 個