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%s (ignored)
%s did not return any output
%s option used more than once on the command line
%s: %s
%s: %s: %s
%s: convert a guest to use KVM

virt-v2v -ic vpx://vcenter.example.com/Datacenter/esxi -os imported esx_guest

virt-v2v -ic vpx://vcenter.example.com/Datacenter/esxi esx_guest -o rhv -os rhv.nfs:/export_domain --network ovirtmgmt

virt-v2v -i libvirtxml guest-domain.xml -o local -os /var/tmp

virt-v2v -i disk disk.img -o local -os /var/tmp

virt-v2v -i disk disk.img -o glance

There is a companion front-end called "virt-p2v" which comes as an
ISO or CD image that can be booted on physical machines.

A short summary of the options is given below. For detailed help please
read the man page virt-v2v(1).
%s: error: %s
%s: operation timed out
%s: warning: %s
--mac ip prefix length field is out of range
Add package(s) to install
Add package(s) to install at first boot
Append line(s) to the file
Attach to a subscription-manager pool
Boot in qemu (-o qemu only)
Change the permissions of a file
Compress output file (-of qcow2 only)