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Filesystem Viewer
(c) 2002, Josef Weidendorfer
<p>This is the FSView plugin, a graphical browsing mode showing filesystem utilization by using a tree map visualization.</p><p>Note that in this mode, automatic updating when filesystem changes are made is intentionally <b>not</b> done.</p><p>For details on usage and options available, see the online help under menu 'Help/FSView Manual'.</p>
&FSView Manual
Show FSView manual
Opens the help browser with the FSView documentation
@action:inmenu File Move to Trash
@action:inmenu File Delete
@action:inmenu Edit &Edit File Type...
@action:inmenu File Properties
FSView intentionally does not support automatic updates when changes are made to files or directories, currently visible in FSView, from the outside.
For details, see the 'Help/FSView Manual'.
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