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@info Cannot transfer <filename>%1</filename>
@info Cannot transfer <filename>%1</filename> because it is too large. The destination filesystem only supports files up to 4GiB
Can Only View
Can Only View Content יכול להציג את התוכן
Can Only View/Read Content יכול להציג את התוכן
Can View & Modify יכול להציג את התוכן ולשנותו
Change Attribute
Change File Owner
Change File Permissions הרשאות מתקדמות
Change Timestamp
@title:tab C&hecksums
Checksums match.
@info:tooltip Check this box to select the highlighted web search keyword as preferred.<nl/>Preferred web search keywords are used in places where only a few select keywords can be shown at one time.
Choose a delimiter to mark the Web search keyword.
Choose the delimiter that separates the keyword from the phrase or word to be searched.
Click to copy the checksum to the clipboard.
Click to paste the checksum from the clipboard to the input field.
Colon as keyword delimiter Colon