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Desert Theme
NOTE_TO_THE_TRANSLATORS The translators have the opportunity to translate the
words in the game.
See the file README.languages in khangman's source directory
for more information on how to do that.
(translate this message as "DONE" when you have translated
the words; otherwise leave it untranslated as a reminder)
File $KDEDIR/share/apps/kvtml/%1/%2 not found.
Please check your installation.
@item:inlistbox no language for that locale None
No theme files found.
No kvtml files found.
The language selected by the user
Background theme name
Check this if you do not want to discover each instance of the same letter.
Enable Animations
If checked, sounds will be played for New Game and Win Game
If checked, hints will always been displayed. If this is not checked (default)
hints will be displayed only per word when the user chooses to show the hint.
This setting allows you to set in seconds how much time is available for resolving the word.
Type accented letters separately from normal letters