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Email template
This is the text of the email sent by the "Sign and Mail User ID" action.

The placeholders surrounded by the percent signs (like %KEYID%) will be replaced with the corresponding text for every single mail.
Sort Order
Left to right, account first
Right to left, TLD first
Right to left, domain first
Right to left, FQDN first
Encryption algorithm RSA, Signing algorithm RSA RSA & RSA
Encryption algorithm ECC
Signing algorithm ECDSA
Encryption algorithm ECDH
Signing algorithm EdDSA
key capability Authentication
used to join a list of key types, e.g. 'encryption, signature' ,
size of signing key / size of encryption key %1 / %2
Name of uid (comment) %1 (%2)
&Unicode (utf-8) Encoding
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