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This function is not available on this system. The symbolic link to the private GnuPG keys cannot be created.
%1 is the key id, %2 is the name and comment of the key or uid %1: %2
%1 is the key id, %2 is the name and comment of the key or uid, %3 is the email address of the uid %1: %2 <%3>
Email template placeholder for key id KEYID
Email template placeholder for key id UIDNAME
<qt><b>Allow untrusted keys as members of key groups:</b><br /><p>A key group allows simple encryption to multiple recipients at once. Similar to the <em>Allow encryption with untrusted keys</em> option this allows untrusted keys to become member of a key group.</p></qt>
Allow untrusted keys as members of key groups
<b>Home Location</b><p>This is the directory where GnuPG stores its configuration and the keyrings. If you have not changed it this is usually <em>~/.gnupg/</em></p>
<b>Configuration File</b><p>This is the name of the configuration file in the directory specified above. The default is <em>gnupg.conf</em> while older versions of GnuPG used <em>options</em>.</p>
<b>Program path</b><p>This is the program that will be called for all GnuPG operations. The default of <em>gpg</em> will work on most systems.</p>
Program path:
<b>Use GnuPG agent</b><p>The GnuPG agent stores the passwords for your secret keys in memory for a limited amount of time. If you use your secret key again while it is cached you do not have to enter it again. This is less secure than typing it every time.</p>
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Key Signing
Here you can define how User Ids that do not contain an email address (like Photo Ids) are sent to the key owner. You can choose to either send them with every other User Id you signed, only with the first Id you signed or to not send them at all.
Mailing of User Ids without Email Addresses
Send with every Email
Send only with first Email
Email template
This is the text of the email sent by the "Sign and Mail User ID" action.

The placeholders surrounded by the percent signs (like %KEYID%) will be replaced with the corresponding text for every single mail.