Context English Hebrew
key capability Encryption הצפנה
key capability Authentication
size of signing key / size of encryption key %1 / %2
Name of uid (comment) %1 (%2)
Untitled ללא כותרת
The document "%1" has changed.
Do you want to save it?
Import &ייבא
Do &Not Import לא לייבא
State of operation as in status State לחלוטין
Job is started up Startup
Status message 'Encrypted <filename>' (operation was completed) Encrypted %1 מפענח %1
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Export a key via email E&mail דוא"ל:
C&lipboard לוח עריכה
&Key server: שרת המפתחות:
Export Settings הגדרות גלובליות
no email address none כלום
Unlimited key lifetime Unlimited בלתי מוגבל
Could not change passphrase אי אפשר להחליף תאריך תפוגה