Context English
Name <Email>: ID %1 <%2>: %3
<Name> (<Email>) ID: <KeyId> %1 (%2) ID: %3
Name: ID %1: %2
Name of the action that gives the focus to the search line Focus Search Line
Name of uid (comment) %1 (%2)
no email address none
no filter: show all keys &None
no key available none
no key comment <em>none</em>
No trust in key None
@option:radio Exports the smallest key possible. Maps to export-minimal option of gpg Clean key
search filter for gpg binary gpg|GnuPG binary
*|All files
show only active keys &Active
show only keys with at least full trust &Full
show only keys with at least marginal trust &Marginal
show only ultimately trusted keys &Ultimate
Signing algorithm ECDSA
Signing algorithm EdDSA
size of signing key / size of encryption key %1 / %2