Context English
used to join a list of key types, e.g. 'encryption, signature' ,
Unlimited key lifetime Unlimited
Unknown trust in key owner Unknown
Unknown trust in key Unknown
Unknown algorithm Unknown
Undefined key trust Undefined
Ultimate trust in key Ultimate
@title:column Title of a column of emails Email
@title <application>KGpg</application>
@title KGpg - simple gui for GnuPG
Status message 'Encrypting <filename>' (operation starts) Encrypting %1
Status message 'Encrypted <filename>' (operation was completed) Encrypted %1
Status message 'Decrypting <filename>' (operation starts) Decrypting %1
Status message 'Decrypted <filename>' (operation was completed) Decrypted %1
State of operation as in status State
small picture Small
size of signing key / size of encryption key %1 / %2
Signing algorithm ECDSA
Signing algorithm EdDSA
show only ultimately trusted keys &Ultimate