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@info The import result string has an unsupported format in line %1.<nl/>Please see the detailed log for more information.
<qt>Your <b>private</b> key "%1" was successfully exported to<br/>%2.<br/><b>Do not</b> leave it in an insecure place.</qt>
<qt>This file is a <b>private</b> key.<br />Do you want to import it instead of opening it in editor?</qt>
<qt>The public key was successfully exported to<br/>%2</qt>
<qt>Signing key <b>%1</b> with key <b>%2</b> failed.<br />Do you want to try signing the key in console mode?</qt>
<qt>Secret keys <b>should not</b> be saved in an unsafe place.<br/>If someone else can access this file, encryption with this key will be compromised.<br/>Continue key export?</qt>
<qt>KGpg will now create a temporary archive file:<br /><b>%1</b> to process the encryption. The file will be deleted after the encryption is finished.</qt>
<qt><b>Photo:</b><p>A photo can be included with a public key for extra security. The photo can be used as an additional method of authenticating the key. However, it should not be relied upon as the only form of authentication.</p></qt>
<p>This key is an orphaned secret key (secret key without public key.) It is currently not usable.</p><p>Would you like to regenerate the public key?</p>
<p><strong>You do not have to be an expert in encryption to use this tool?</strong><br>
Simply create yourself a key pair in the key management window. Then, export your public key and mail it to your friends.<br>
Ask them to do the same and import their public keys. Finally, to send an encrypted message, type it in the KGpg editor, then click &quot;encrypt&quot;. Choose
your friend's key and click &quot;encrypt&quot; again. The message will be encrypted, ready to be sent by email.</p>
<p>If you only want to open the key manager, type this in the command line prompt: <pre>kgpg -k</pre>
The editor can be reached by: <pre>kgpg -d</pre></p>
<p><b>Bad passphrase</b>. You have 1 try left.</p>
@info first argument is formatted date, second argument is formatted time <para>The signature was created at %1 %2</para>
No key imported.<br />Please see the detailed log for more information.
Key importing failed. Please see the detailed log for more information.
Decryption of this file failed: