Specify a new name for session: %1
Application Startup Behavior
&Start new session
&Load last used session
&Manually choose a session
Application Shutdown Behavior
If enabled, Kate will shutdown when the last file being edited is closed, otherwise a blank page will open so that you can start a new file.
Close Kate entirely when the last file is closed
Session Elements
The session contains the list of open documents, recently opened files list, bookmarks, cursor position etc. When the session is loaded all elements are restored.
Maximum number of entries in recent file list:
Check this if you want all your views and frames restored each time you open Kate.
Include &window configuration
Check this if you want document configuration like for example bookmarks to be saved past editor sessions. The configuration will be restored if the document has not changed when reopened.
Keep &meta-information past sessions
&Delete unused meta-information after: