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Do not show
Hide automatically
Show property panel:
<small><i>The active input method can be switched around from the selected ones in the above list by pressing the keyboard shortcut keys or clicking the panel icon.</i></small>
Popup delay milliseconds for IME switcher window
Set popup delay milliseconds to show IME switcher window. The default is 400. 0 = Show the window immediately. 0 &lt; Delay milliseconds. 0 &gt; Do not show the window and switch prev/next engines.
Saved version number
The saved version number will be used to check the difference between the version of the previous installed ibus and one of the current ibus.
Trigger shortcut keys for gtk_accelerator_parse
The behavior of property panel. 0 = Do not show, 1 = Auto hide, 2 = Always show
Follow the input cursor in case the panel is always shown
If true, the panel follows the input cursor in case the panel is always shown. If false, the panel is shown at a fixed location.
The milliseconds to show property panel
The milliseconds to show property panel after focus-in or properties are changed.
Use shortcut with shift to switch to the previous input method
switching input methods
Read the system registry cache.
Read the registry cache FILE.
The registry cache is invalid.
Write the system registry cache.