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Set dictionaries to the default for the current locale.
Set input methods to the default for the current locale.
Play sound file on error
Select .wav sound file:
Here you can choose whether a sound file is played if an error occurs. If the simpleaudio module for Python3 is not installed, this option does nothing.
Here you can specify which color to use for the compose preview.
Others, Miscellaneous, Various, Diverse
Whether it is allowed to put a word back into a preedit when the cursor moves to the end or the beginning of a word. Enabling this option is useful to correct already committed words.
The characters in this list trigger an emoji and Unicode symbol lookup even if the option “Unicode symbols and emoji predictions” is off.
Yes, but only when extremely likely
Yes, always
Shortcut Abbreviazione
Enable reopening preedits Abilita la riapertura dei preedit
Enable suggestions by key (Default is the Tab key) Abilita tasto dei suggerimenti (tasto Tab predefinito)
Add a space if a candidate from the candidate list is committed by clicking it with the mouse. Aggiunge uno spazio se il suggerimento viene inserito dalla lista tramite un clic del mouse.
Add shortcut Aggiungi abbreviazione
Add a key binding Aggiungi combinazione
Add a dictionary Aggiungi dizionario
Add dictionary Aggiungi dizionario
Add an input method Aggiungi metodo di inserimento