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Auto capitalize
Automatically capitalize after punctuation.
If this option is enabled, the last used input mode (on/off) is remembered even if the session is restarted.
Avoid using the %s function
Use a workaround if the %s function is broken. Enable this option only if absolutely necessary, it can also cause problems, especially when XIM is used.
Enable reopening preedits
Whether it is allowed to put a word back into a preedit when the cursor moves to the end or the beginning of a word. Enabling this option is useful to correct already committed words.
The characters in this list trigger an emoji and Unicode symbol lookup even if the option “Unicode symbols and emoji predictions” is off.
Play sound file on error
Here you can choose whether a sound file is played if an error occurs. If the simpleaudio module for Python3 is not installed, this option does nothing.
Set dictionaries to the default for the current locale.
Set input methods to the default for the current locale.
Here you can specify which color to use for the compose preview.
Select .wav sound file: