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Move key binding down
Do you really want to set the key bindings for all commands to their defaults?
ibus is not running.
If yes, the color scheme for a dark theme will be used.
Dynamic adjust
Here you can choose whether the order of the candidates is dynamically adjusted according to how often the candidates are used.
Delete all learned data
Play sound file on error
Do you really want to delete all data learned from typing and selecting candidates?
Select .wav sound file:
Auto select
Auto wildcard
Use dark theme
Here you can choose whether a sound file is played if an error occurs. If the simpleaudio module for Python3 is not installed, this option does nothing.
Remember input mode
Whether the last used input mode should be remembered or whether ibus-table should start in “Table mode” by default after a restart. There are two input modes: “Table input” means the input method is on. “Direct input” is almost the same as if the input method were off, i.e. not used at all, most characters just get passed to the application. But some conversion between fullwidth and halfwidth may still happen in direct input mode.