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Single Char
If set to “Yes”, this does the following 4 things:
1) When typing “Return”, commit the
candidate + line-feed
2) When typing Tab, commit the candidate
3) When committing using a commit key, commit
the candidate + " "
4) If typing the next character matches no candidates,
commit the first candidate of the previous match.
(Mostly needed for non-Chinese input methods like
the Russian “translit”)
Auto commit mode:
Committing with the commit keys or with the mouse
always commits to the application. This option is about
“automatic” commits which may happen when
one just continues typing input without committing
manually. From time to time, “automatic” commits will
happen then.
“Direct” means such “automatic” commits go directly
into the application, “Normal” means they get committed
to preedit.
If yes, a multi wildcard will be automatically
appended to the end of the input string.
Single wildcard character:
The wildcard to match any single character.
Type RETURN or ENTER to confirm after changing the wildcard.
Multi wildcard character:
The wildcard used to match any number of characters.
Type RETURN or ENTER to confirm after changing the wildcard.
Debug level:
When greater than 0, debug information may be printed to the log file and debug information may also be shown graphically.
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