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Punctuation width
Switch punctuation width
Switch to table mode
Switch to pinyin mode
Switch pinyin mode
Multiple character match
Switch to matching multiple characters at once
Single character match
Switch to matching only single characters
Onechar mode
Switch onechar mode
Switch to normal commit mode (automatic commits go into the preedit instead of into the application. This enables automatic definitions of new shortcuts)
Switch to direct commit mode (automatic commits go directly into the application)
Auto commit mode
Switch autocommit mode
Configure ibus-table “%(engine-name)s”
Ibus Table
Table based input method
Ibus-table is an input method framework for table-based input methods. Mostly it is used for Chinese input methods such as ZhengMa, WuBi, ErBi, CangJie, …. But some tables for other languages are available as well.
Simplified Chinese before traditional