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<b>Keyboard Only Appearance</b> <b>僅鍵盤外觀</b>
<b>Default Appearance</b> <b>預設外觀</b>
translator_credits Cheng-Chia Tseng <pswo10680@gmail.com>, 2011, 14.
IBus-Input-Pad Setup IBus-Input-Pad 設置
The input pad engine for IBus platform IBus 平臺的輸入板引擎
IBus Input Pad Setup IBus 輸入板設置
General 一般
All 全部
_Cancel 取消(_C)
Launch Input Pad 啟動輸入板
_Apply 套用(_A)
_Character Table Type: 字元表類型(_C):
Which theme you choose in kbdui modules 您想要 kbdui 模組使用哪個主題
Whether you show the character table or not 您是否要顯示字元表
Whether you show the keyboard layout or not 您是否要顯示鍵盤配置
Are you sure to close Setup? 您確定要關閉「設置」嗎?
Are you sure to close Setup without saving configure? 您確定要關閉「設置」而不儲存設定嗎?
_OK 確定(_O)
Confirm 確認