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Subscribe to the %(mailing_link_start)scoreos-status mailing list%(link_end)s to receive important operational notices from the Fedora CoreOS team. Give feedback and follow Fedora CoreOS development in the %(tracker_link_start)sFedora CoreOS issue tracker%(link_end)s. To get started with running Fedora CoreOS, see the %(docs_link_start)sGetting Started%(link_end)s guide. 訂閱 %(mailing_link_start)scoreos-staus 郵件論壇%(link_end)s 接收來自Fedora CoreOS團隊的重要操作通知。提供反饋並關注Fedora CoreOS開發中的內容%(tracker_link_start)sFedora CoreOS 問題追踪器%(link_end)s.
Containerized applications 容器化。修改。布署。
Download Fedora IoT. 下載 Fedora IoT
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Fedora Silverblue Fedora Silverblue
<a href="https://silverblue.fedoraproject.org/download">Download</a> the Silverblue you've been waiting for. 下載你一直期待的 Silverblue。
Need something a bit different? Check out our other Fedora Workstation downloads <a href="https://alt.fedoraproject.org/">here</a>, featuring secondary architectures and network-based installation images. 需要來點不同的口味嗎?快看看這裡的其他 Fedora Workstation 下載,我們還提供二級支援架構與網路安裝用映像檔。
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