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Final Quarter Budget Report
Regional Treasurers → FCL
Budget Adjustment/Allocation
Council → Regions/Subprojects
First Quarter Budget Report
Budget Proposal for Next Year
Regions and Subprojects, FCL
Second Quarter Budget Report
Budget Session at Flock
FCL, Council
Ratification by Council
Council (full consensus)
FCL → Red Hat
Third Quarter Budget Report
FCL = Fedora Community Action and Impact Lead
Note that "→" in the chart above indicates that responsibility for that item feeds into a next step in responsibility; for example, regional treasurers are responsible for providing the FCL with the relevant information for their region, and the FCL is responsible for the general report to the community. Likewise, the Council is responsible for any top-level budget adjustment when the final budget comes in from our sponsor, and regions responsible to update accordingly if needed.
The Storytelling Delegate will be accountable for Regional Reports. They don't necessarily have to write all the original content, they just need to be accountable for ensuring content makes it out onto our channels.