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Note that "→" in the chart above indicates that responsibility for that item feeds into a next step in responsibility; for example, regional treasurers are responsible for providing the FCL with the relevant information for their region, and the FCL is responsible for the general report to the community. Likewise, the Council is responsible for any top-level budget adjustment when the final budget comes in from our sponsor, and regions responsible to update accordingly if needed.
The Storytelling Delegate will be accountable for Regional Reports. They don't necessarily have to write all the original content, they just need to be accountable for ensuring content makes it out onto our channels.
Holding with our current policies, reimbursement will depend on submission of an Event Report to the appropriate channels (mail lists, communityblog, and the planet/magazine when applicable)
Event reports going forward should also include a very short list of bullet points. These bullet points are the necessary ammunition we need to reinforce our proposals to increase funding for regional programs going forward.
Action is any typical or special activity that ambassadors lead regionally such as:
Tabling at Conferences, Conventions, or other large events
Presenting/Representing Fedora at Local Meetups
Organizing FADS, Workshops, or other Fedora-specific Events
Impact includes the outcomes from the activities as above. This includes things like:
Attendees contacted or reached
Fedora Badges issued at or as a result of the event
Pull requests and patches submitted as a result of event
Bugs reported/Tickets Filed
Candidates sourced (i.e. Outreachy, GSoC, and/or other FOSS programs)
Articles/Videos/Photos/Content published by or about regional team
Social media mentions and interactions generated by event
Other supporting evidence data that shows the results of your effort
Links to and reach of posts on Fedora social media and publishing channels
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