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First download one of the available BFO specific images. You have a choice of ISO (DVD/CD), USB, Floppy and lkrn images. Then write that image to an appropriate medium. Next boot from that medium. After that you're using BFO! Use your keyboard to select menus to run diagnostics, or boot a Fedora installer or rescue mode.
For all image types, you need a working DHCP in the network you use it from as well as HTTP internet access. To use the ISO, a CD/DVD burner. To use the USB image, a USB stick. Floppy and lkrn images are also available.
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How does it work?
How do I use it?
It will first configure network via DHCP.
lkrn image for PXE booting, grub booting and in conjunction with kexec (c.f.: <a href="%s">pxkxc</a>)
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No. BFO is also not part of Anaconda. BFO is a way to load the installer via network. Normally users download a large ISO image that contains all of the installer bits. BFO is a smaller booting method that downloads the installer bits at runtime. In theory with BFO one ISO download can install all future versions of Fedora.