Users cannot control this device.
It is advised to switch to 'NetworkManager' instead - it provides 'ifup/ifdown' scripts as well.
Device ${DEVICE} has MAC address ${FOUNDMACADDR}, instead of configured address ${HWADDR}. Ignoring.
Device '$DEVICE' isn't supported here, use IPV6_AUTOTUNNEL setting and restart (IPv6) networking
Device '$DEVICE' isn't supported as a valid GRE device name.
PHYSDEV should be set for device ${DEVICE}
No 802.1Q VLAN support available in kernel for device ${DEVICE}
$alias device ${DEVICE} does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.
ERROR: could not add vlan ${VID} as ${DEVICE} on dev ${PHYSDEV}
Missing config file $PARENTCONFIG.
error in $FILE: already seen ipaddr $IPADDR in $ipseen
error in ifcfg-${parent_device}: files
Determining if ip address ${IPADDR} is already in use for device ${parent_device}...
ERROR: ${DEVICE} did not come up!
Determining IP information for ${DEVICE}...
failed; no link present. Check cable?
Failed to bring up ${DEVICE}.
Determining IPv6 information for ${DEVICE}...