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Requirements to promote Fedora IoT to an official edition
This is based on the[Edition promotion process] pending approval from the Fedora Council. Historical information is included below for reference, although it is now incredibly out of date.
| Requirement | Status | Additional information
| The candidate Edition must be backed by a team that holds regular public meetings |[DONE] |
| The candidate Edition must get trademark approval from the Fedora Council |[DONE] |
| The candidate Edition must have a product requirements document |[DONE] |
Pre-submission steps
| **Requirement** | **Status** | **Additional information**
| Review test cases and release criteria with QA |[DONE] |
| Work with Release Engineering | DONE | Composes are being produced
Post-submission steps
|Request design deliverables | |
|Provide updated website content |[In-progress] | Basic content is on Further content will be needed as we finalize the web site.
|Notify Documentation and Translation teams |[TODO] |
|Provide marketing blurbs |[TODO] |
Historical content
Phase one: MVP Edition launch (timeframe: July. Before Flock.)
Items for IoT team to complete
F-30 published on stable ostree repo
Currently on “devel” branch -- need F30 to be the stable one instead of F29
This is something Peter can do, but for F31 this should be integrated into proper QA & Rel-Eng process. Need procedures and to define clear roles.
Clean up release process
New ostrees and new ISOs
Equivalent of two-week Atomic release process, but monthly
Initial basic docs for release process
So that not everything is just in Peter’s head