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Updates and Rollbacks
The latest image builds for x86_64 and aarch64 are available at[here].
Upgrade to the Latest Image
Display the status of the currently running deployment:
$ rpm-ostree status
The `rpm-ostree` command is used to manage the atomic system tree used by the Fedora IoT images. The `update` command is an alias for the `upgrade` command.
View the options with:
$ rpm-ostree upgrade --help
rpm-ostree upgrade [OPTION…]
Perform a system upgrade
Help Options:
-h, --help Show help options
Application Options:
--os=OSNAME Operate on provided OSNAME
-r, --reboot Initiate a reboot after operation is complete
--allow-downgrade Permit deployment of chronologically older trees
--preview Just preview package differences
--check Just check if an upgrade is available
-C, --cache-only Do not download latest ostree and RPM data
--download-only Just download latest ostree and RPM data, don't deploy
--upgrade-unchanged-exit-77 If no upgrade is available, exit 77
--sysroot=SYSROOT Use system root SYSROOT (default: /)
--peer Force a peer-to-peer connection instead of using the system message bus
--install=PKG Overlay additional package
--uninstall=PKG Remove overlayed additional package
--version Print version information and exit
Check for available updates:
$ sudo rpm-ostree upgrade --check
Receiving metadata objects: 0/(estimating) -/s 0 bytes... done
Version: 29.20190211.0 (2019-02-11T13:18:27Z)
Commit: 5eb0553c02a8035a02f030c7fb8d5c6727d1ecb2700dade4b767363acfcab8e4
GPGSignature: Valid signature by C2A3FA9DC67F68B98BB543F47BB90722DBBDCF7C
Diff: 25 upgraded
Preview the package differences:
$ sudo rpm-ostree upgrade --preview
If you wish, you can download the packages only and not deploy them with:
$ sudo rpm-ostree upgrade --download-only
To apply the OSTree update deltas available on CDN use the following command:
$ sudo rpm-ostree upgrade
Due to the atomic nature of the OS, you will have to reboot into the new image to have the updates take effect: