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> echo "Download Checksum: $download_checksum"
> echo "Expected Checksum: $expected_checksum"
> if ( $download_checksum -eq "$expected_checksum" ) {
echo "Checksum test passed!"
} else {
echo "Checksum test failed."
Download the latest Windows Installer file from link:++[]. The server automatically detects the running system and offers you the correct installation file for your Windows version.
Download the latest Macintosh Disk Image (the package will have a .dmg extension) from link:++[]. The server automatically detects the running system and offers a correct package for your MacOS.
Download the Fedora image of your choice from link:++[] and the corresponding checksum file from link:++[]
Downloading Boot and Installation Images
Directory: C:\Users\Pete\Downloads
# dd if=/path/to/Fedora-Live-Security-x86_64-21.iso of=/dev/sdd
Creating USB media with [application]*GNOME Disks*
Creating USB Media on the Linux command line
Creating a Boot CD or DVD
Confirm your selection, and wait for the disc to be burned.
Compare the calculated checksum to the expected checksum.
Click your USB device in the left column.
Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the window, and choose the `Restore Disk Image` option.
Change to the directory containing the downloaded files.
> cd $HOME\Downloads\
> ls
Calculate the downloaded image's checksum. This will take a while!
By calculating the image's `checksum` on your own computer and comparing it to the original `checksum`, you can verify the image has not been tampered with or corrupted. The original checksum values are provided at link:++[], and are [command]#gpg# signed to demonstrate their integrity.
Because transmission errors or other problems may corrupt the Fedora image you have downloaded, it is important to verify the file's integrity. After the images are created, an operation is performed on the file that produces a value called a `checksum` using a complex mathematical algorithm. The operation is sufficiently complex that *any change* to the original file will produce a different checksum.
Automatic upgrade using [application]*dnf system upgrade*