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To install the [application]*Fedora Media Writer* using:
$ [command]#sudo dnf install mediawriter#
Run the [application]*Fedora Media Writer*:
$ [command]#mediawriter#
On other Linux distributions
The best way to install [application]*Fedora Media Writer* on various Linux distributions is to use the pre-built _Flatpak_ package. The package can be obtained from the official Flatpak repository[].
To setup *Flatpak* on your Linux system, follow the guidelines on the[Flatpak documentation] page.
Run the application:
$ [command]#sudo mediawriter#
On Windows
Download the latest Windows Installer file from link:++[]. The server automatically detects the running system and offers you the correct installation file for your Windows version.
Run the installation by double clicking the installer, and then continue through the set-up wizard. The Wizard lets you customize the software's installation if you choose to.
Run the application by clicking on a launcher.
In Windows 8 and 10, the [application]*Fedora Media Writer* launcher will be placed in the _All apps_ menu under _F_. In Windows 10, you can just type [application]*Fedora Media Writer* in the search box on the task bar.
The main selection lets you choose one of the default Fedora editions, Fedora *Workstation* or *Server*. [application]*Fedora Media Writer* displays more details about the edition before you can proceed with downloading the image and the USB creation. You can choose a different architecture, if you select _Other variants_.
Fedora Media Writer Distro Information
Image of Fedora Media Writer Distro Information Screen