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After you finish configuring your system storage, press `Done` in the top left corner to save the configuration and return to the `Installation Summary` screen. At this point, the installer will check if your storage configuration is valid. If an error was detected, a message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click the message to open a dialog window explaining what kind of error has been detected (for example, you put `/boot` on a Btrfs subvolume, or you did not create a BIOS Boot partition when your system requires one).
If such a message is displayed, go back and fix any issues found by the installer; otherwise you will not be able to proceed with the installation. You can also press `Done` again to return to the `Installation Summary` anyway, but a storage configuration error will prevent you from starting the actual installation process.
If no error message is displayed and if you made any changes since the last time you have visited this screen, a summary dialog will appear, displaying a detailed list of the changes you made. Review the list and click `Accept Changes` to proceed with xref:Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-installation-summary[Installation Summary], or click `Cancel & Return to Custom Partitioning` if you want to make any more changes.