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The Root Password screen. Use the text input fields to provide your root password. Root 用户密码页面。填写表单以设置你的 root 用户密码。
The `Root Password` screen is used to configure the `root` password for your system. This password will be used to log into the administrator (also known as superuser) account, which is used for system administration tasks such as installing and updating software packages and changing system-wide configuration such as network and firewall settings, storage options and adding or modifying users, groups and file permissions. Root 帐户密码页面允许你对`root` 账户的密码进行设置。这个密码将被用于登录到超级管理员账户,以处理各类需要高权限才能完成的任务(如安装和更新软件包、修改全局系统设置如网络设定、储存设定、用户管理和文件权限设置等)。
The `root` account has complete control over the system. If an unauthorized person gains access to this account, they can access or delete all users' personal files or otherwise exploit the machine for their own nefarious purposes. See the [citetitle]_{PRODUCT} Security Guide_, available at link:++https://docs.fedoraproject.org/++[], for detailed documentation about account security and guidelines for choosing a strong password. `root` 帐号对系统有着完整的控制权限。如果一个未经授权的用户获得了访问这个帐号的权限,他就可以访问和删除所有用户的个人文件并利用这台设备做任何他希望做的事情。要了解有关帐户安全和密码安全相关的更多信息,请访问 link:++https://docs.fedoraproject.org/++[] 的 [citetitle]_{PRODUCT} Security Guide_ 页面。
`The password you have provided is weak:` `The password is shorter than 5 characters.`
你提供的密码非常弱:密码的长度小于 5 个字符。
Root Password Root 帐户密码
Once you choose a strong password, enter it in the `Root Password` field. The characters you write will be displayed as dots for security. Then, type the same password into the `Confirm` field to ensure you entered it properly. Both entered passwords must be the same. 当你选定一个强密码后,将它填写到表单中。为了安全起见你输入的字符都会被显示为实心原点。接下来再输入一次密码以确认你刚才输入的密码准确无误。请注意两次输入的密码应该是相同的。
If a message similar to the above appears, it is highly recommended to choose a different, stronger password. 如果有这样的信息出现,我们建议你选择一个不同的且安全性更佳的密码。
As you enter the password, it will be evaluated and the installer will determine the password's strength. If the installer considers your password weak, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen, explaining which aspect of your chosen password is considered insuficient. For example: 在你输入密码的时候,安装程序会评估密码的强度。如果安装程序认为你的密码非常弱,屏幕顶部会弹出相关的信息,告知你输入的密码在哪一方面有所欠缺,例如:
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