`X-System-Serial-Number: _R8VA23D_pass:attributes[{blank}]`
You can test the integrity of an ISO-based installation source before using it to install {PRODUCT}. These sources include DVDs and ISO images stored on a local hard drive or NFS server. Verifying that the ISO images are intact before you attempt an installation helps to avoid problems that are often encountered during installation.
You can use multiple options at the same time; in that case, separate them by a single space.
You can use this option multiple times. In that case, the boot message will be displayed on all specified consoles, but only the last one will be used by the installation program afterwards. For example, if you specify [option]#console=ttyS0 console=ttyS1#, the installation program will only use `ttyS1`.
You may boot a command-line Linux system from an installation disc without actually installing {PRODUCT} on the computer. This enables you to use the utilities and functions of a running Linux system to modify or repair already installed operating systems.
You should never attempt to perform a driver update during the installation unless a missing our faulty driver is preventing you from completing the installation. Updating drivers which are not essential during the installation should always be performed after the system is installed.