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|Processor manufacturer and model|Architecture type for Fedora
|some Intel Atom, Core series, Pentium 4, and recent vintage Xeon; AMD Athlon, Duron, some Semprons; and older; VIA C3, C7|`i386`
|some Intel Atom, Core 2 series, Core i series and Xeon;
AMD: Athlon 64, Athlon II, Sempron64, Phenom series, Fusion series, Bulldozer series and Opteron; Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air|`x86_64`
Fedora Cloud comes in several varieties. The Fedora Cloud Base image is a minimal base for cloud deployments. The Fedora Cloud Atomic image is a Docker container host that uses link:++[Project Atomic] technology for updates. A Docker base image for Fedora is also available.
Cloud images are preconfigured and do not require installation as described in this guide. Get started using Fedora Cloud at link:++[]
Changing a Fedora installation from one architecture to another is not supported. Use the following table to determine the architecture of your computer according to the type of processor. Consult your manufacturer's documentation for details on your processor, or resources such as link:++[] or link:++[], if necessary.