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Upgrading Your Current System 升级你的系统
This chapter explains how to upgrade your existing {PRODUCT} installation to the current release. There are two basic ways to do so: 本章节将介绍如何将已有的 {PRODUCT} 系统升级到当前最新版本,具体而言有两种办法:
Automatic upgrade using [application]*dnf system upgrade* 使用 [application]*dnf system upgrade* 执行自动升级
The preferred way to upgrade your system is an automatic upgrade using the [application]*dnf system upgrade* utility. For information on performing an automatic upgrade, see link:++https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DNF_system_upgrade++[Fedora Wiki DNF system upgrade]. 使用 [application]*dnf system upgrade* 执行升级是我们推荐的方式。你可以阅读 link:++https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DNF_system_upgrade++[这个页面] 了解如何通过这个方式升级。
Manual Reinstallation 手动重装系统
You can upgrade to the latest version of Fedora manually instead of relying on [application]*dnf system upgrade*. This involves booting the installer as if you were performing a clean installation, letting it detect your existing Fedora system, and overwriting the root partition while preserving data on other partitions and volumes. The same process can also be used to reinstall the system, if you need to. For detailed information, see xref:Upgrading_Your_Current_System.adoc#sect-upgrading-fedora-manual-reinstall[Manual System Upgrade or Reinstallation]. 除了使用 [application]*dnf system upgrade* 之外,你还可以手动完成系统升级。你可以引导安装介质并执行全新安装,或者让安装程序探测你当前的 Fedora 系统,将根分区改写的同时保留其它的分区或卷。当然对于只重装不升级的情况,也是可以采取一样的方法的。具体可以查看 xref:advanced/Upgrading_Your_Current_System.adoc#sect-upgrading-fedora-manual-reinstall[手动系统升级与系统重装] 这篇文章。
Always back up your data before performing an upgrade or reinstalling your system, no matter which method you choose. 无论如何,在升级和重装系统之前务必备份好你的个人数据。
Manual System Upgrade or Reinstallation 手动升级系统或重装系统
Unfortunately, we have not written this chapter yet, and there is no dedicated documentation about a manual reinstall on the Wiki, either. In the meantime before we fix this, you can try to start the installation normally (from a boot CD/DVD/USB), select manual partitioning in your installer, and reuse existing partitions instead of destroying them and creating new ones. The instructions at xref:install/Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-manual-partitioning[Manual Partitioning] should in most cases be easy to adapt for this. 不幸的是,我们还没有完成本章节的编写,维基上也没有详细介绍重装系统的页面。在编写工作完成之前,你可以尝试引导安装介质,在安装程序中手动分区,重用已有的分区(而不是创建细新的同时销毁旧的)。 xref:install/Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-manual-partitioning[手动分区] 这篇文章应该能覆盖大部分的情形。