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Add the bot to the Telegram group you want to bridge to IRC. Once the bot is added, use the Telegram API to retrieve the chat ID of the Telegram group. The chat ID is a unique number specific to your Telegram group.
Create a Telegram bot
Finally, send the Telegram secrets in an email to the TeleIRC SIG. Include the following in your email:
First, create a Telegram bot via the Telegram API account (BotFather). The upstream project https://teleirc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/quick-install/#create-a-telegram-bot[provides documentation] on how to do this. Follow all instructions for the bot to work as expected (note the bot privacy setting). The BotFather gives you a Telegram API token after creating the bot. Later, you will provide this token to the TeleIRC SIG.
If you have questions or need additional assistance, ask in the xref:commops::index.adoc[Fedora CommOps] IRC channel / group.
Instructions on how to retrieve a Telegram chat ID are found on https://stackoverflow.com/a/32572159[StackOverflow].
IRC channel to bridge to Telegram
IRC nicks to ignore on Telegram (e.g. fedmsg bots, if your channel has noisy fedmsg bots)
Next, open a https://pagure.io/sig-teleirc/infrastructure/new_issue[new issue] on the TeleIRC SIG _infrastructure_ repository. In your ticket, include the following information:
_Note_: Whoever creates the Telegram bot is the only person able to make configuration changes to the bot. It is not yet possible to "share" Telegram bots with other users.
Open public ticket with request
Request a new TeleIRC bridge bot
Send Telegram secrets via email
Send these to the following address:
sysadmin-teleirc-members [at] fedoraproject [dot] org
Team / sub-project name
Telegram API token
Telegram group chat ID
The TeleIRC SIG is responsible for "bridges" between IRC channels and Telegram groups. Fedora community members may request new bridges to connect an IRC channel to a Telegram group. If you are part of a larger sub-community, discuss bridging with your team _before_ making a request.
Updates are posted in the public ticket. The ticket will be closed when the bot is created.