Upgrading to a new release of Fedora
Be sure to *back-up your data* before upgrading your Fedora system in the event something breaks and leaves your system unusable.
Read the link:++https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases#Current_Supported_Releases++[Release Notes] carefully before attempting an upgrade.
Upgrading to the next Fedora Workstation release
This is the recommended upgrade method for the Fedora Workstation.
As of Fedora Workstation 23, when the next stable release is available a graphical notification will appear similar to the update notifications. Clicking this, or running the _Software_ application and going to the _Updates_ pane, will display a simple graphical interface for upgrading the system. It will download the upgrade files, then prompt for a reboot to install them, similar to a system update. When the upgrade is complete, the system will automatically reboot into the new release.
image:upgrade-gnome-software.png[upgrade-gnome-software.png,title="Release Upgrade Gnome Software",width=640]
Upgrading using the DNF System Upgrade plugin
This is the recommended upgrade method for all other Fedora installations.
This method is used to a upgrade Fedora installation using the command-line. It is also used to troubleshoot issues with packages preventing the graphical method from upgrading.
For instructions on upgrading with the DNF system upgrade plugin, refer to the xref:dnf-system-upgrade.adoc[DNF System Upgrade] page.
Upgrading between major versions in Fedora Silverblue
Upgrading between major versions (such as from Fedora 32 to Fedora 33) can be completed using the Software application. Alternatively, Silverblue can be upgraded between major versions using the `ostree` command..
For instructions on upgrading Fedora Silverblue Host, refer to the link:++https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-silverblue/updates-upgrades-rollbacks/#upgrading++[dedicated page].
Can I upgrade between Fedora releases using only DNF?
This is not a supported upgrade method.
Upgrading between Fedora releases without the xref:dnf-system-upgrade.adoc[DNF System Upgrade plugin] or <<sect-upgrading-to-the-next-fedora-workstation-release,GNOME Software>> are not tested by the Fedora QA team, and are therefore not supported by the community. You can follow xref:upgrading-fedora-online.adoc[Upgrading Fedora using package manager], but you're doing that *at your own risk*.
Upgrading from pre-release (beta) to final public release (stable)
If you are using a pre-release of Fedora, you shouldn't need to do anything to get the final public release, other than updating packages as they become available. You can use `sudo dnf update` or wait for desktop notification. When the pre-release is released as final, the `fedora-repos` packages will be updated and your `updates-testing` repository will be disabled. Once this happens (on the release day), it is highly recommended to run `sudo dnf distro-sync` in order to align package versions with the current release.
How do I upgrade to Rawhide and Branched?